zondag 30 maart 2008

"This is..." 2x and lots and lots more!

This week the meme is "this is... the contents of my handbag". Well, this is mine! I have to confess I had cleaned it up just a few days before! Thank you Sharon for the this week's meme!

Last week I skipped the "This is... my demon". Sorry girls, but I was too busy with other things. But here it is! I've lots of demons, but I think my p.c. is the most worst of all! I spent too many hours behind the screen. It's an addiction, I know, but I love this demon!!!!
Thank you Drewzel for this meme!

Well girls I've to warn you, this will be a long, very long post! So take a cup of tea or coffee and a bowl with sweet candy or a glass of wine or a bottle of beer and a bowl of crispy chips! But I will keep the talking short, I'll promise!
First of all: The Findings Of The Week:
A cute flowered tin, perfect to store a part of my lace collection. As well as, both functional and beautiful.
A few paintings for the wall in our bathroom. The little Bessie Peage-kind-of-illustration is completely embroidered. It's so sweet! The one with the dune-landscape is actually an itsybitsy ugly, but I love it's frame! Further on I'm re-decorating Luuk's room. I found this baseball-glove completed with ball for just 2,50. I think this is really tough for a little boy! This is how his room looks now (I'm not finished yet, but these corners are ready I think):

Do you recognize the banner? I think it looks nice at the shelve. The collection old games, toys and children-books is growing and growing!

The fabric-banner is also hanging on his room. It looks really lovely. I also made a little shadowbox for my sweetie:

All you need is an old wooden box, nice patterned papers, a little bit of paint and cute little stuff. So, this is his room so far. I hope you liked it!
Today we (my 2 sisters Linda and Marianne and my friend Ina) went to the "Brocante-fair" in Berkhout. It was really fun, and of course I had to buy a few things!

I bought this trunk, and when it was full, I had to stop! I found lovely vintage cards (not really old, but newly made) , a bunch of cake-molds (over 20, for just 1,--!), vintage clothes pins, a wire-basket, a glassholder and a cute, old, little wooden puzzle. And everything has already found a place in my home:
I wrapped fine lace around the clothes pegs....

... hang the basket and some cake-molds in the kitchen....
..... put the other cakemolds in a glass jar and put a few glasses in the holder. It looks very nice on my kitchen-sink!
Only the trunk, the old zinc chest and the little puzzle are still standing at the staircase, ready to be brought upstairs.
And do you remember I won the first price with my Spring-banner? Well, this was in the box:
Lots and lots of scrap-stuff! Beautiful papers, flowers, tags, a cute little notebook and lots more! Thank you girls of the Creative buzz, I love it all!
And this was the Tuesday-challenge from Lesli's blog:

And this is my interpretation of the sketch:

I would love it, if you vote on my l.o. at Lesli's blog!
Well girls, this is it for today! Have a nice and creative week!
Hugs Elly

donderdag 27 maart 2008

The Big Bling-Your-Birdhouse-Day!

Yes, today is the day!!! Karla from Karla's Cottage and Beth from Beth Leintz Gathering Dust organized this day, so yesterday (I know, too late again!) I started my birdhouses and this morning I finished them. I dropped the kids in a hurry at school, mommy had to do very important things! But here they are:

I used some patterned papers of the new Bo Bunny-line, some glitter (I even have glitters in my hair at the moment!) and of course a few lovely flowers. I think they match perfectly with my Spring-banner (see previous post) and the colors are so "me"!
And I also want to share some Easter-pictures with you, okay these days are over know, but I can't say goodbye to the happy memories and all the lovely decorations yet!
This was our breakfast-table on the first Eastermorning:

Don't you think they're cute? (Well, sometimes they really are!)
And when you've had your breakfast, you've painted all the eggs, what's next? Of course, you're gonna make a snowman! I can not remember we've had snow at Easter before, it was a little bit weird, but the kids didn't mind!
Second Easterday this was our brunch-table:

The whole family had a brunch at our home, it was a very lovely and happy day. All the kids (12) were playing without troubles and the parents were all talking, eating, drinking and laughing! Just a perfect day!

And I also did some scrappin':

Again a sketch from Lesli's blog. I've never finished a l.o. so fast! I'm getting used to sketches!
Well girls, I've a busy day today! This afternoon I've to assist at school, after that we've to go to my mother-in-law, she's celebrating her birthday today, and in the evening I want to get started with the new Tuesday-challenge.
And I've some good news: I won the Easter-challenge from The Creative Buzz!!!!!! I'm as happy as can be! I'm lying at the mailbox these following days!
Well, I think this is a proper closing of this post!
Have a nice day, hugs Elly

zaterdag 22 maart 2008

Hippity hoppity....

.... Easter is on his way!

First of all I want to show you the Easter-banner (yep, I lóóóóve banners!) I made for the Creative Buzz challenge:

And at least I found my Easter-spirit!

Finally I decorated my home with lots of sweet soft colored flowers, lovely little eggs and of course yummie chocolate eggs!

And I turned the nature-table into spring. The sweet Blossom-Belle with her baby, two cute little bunnies and a pair of springbabies between moss, little branches and eggshells filled with the most adorable soft-pink Buttercups you've ever seen! And of course a matching book: De Wortelkindertjes (Root-children???) from Sybille von Olfers.
I also re-decorated the coffee-table:

A fresh new wreath of Buxus, Gypsophillia and lovely little blue eggs.

And even the kitchen is full of spring! Don't you think these metal hanging eggs (Appletree) have such bright and happy colors? I inmediately fell in love with them!

On the dinertable a little egg-holder, I placed eggshelves in it and filled them with the same gorgeous Buttercups, soft-pink Roses, Buxus and Gypsophillia.

A warm welcome in the hallway:

A jug filled with a bunch of pale-pink, double tulips (Angelique)

Normally I put little candles in these glasses, but now they're filled with hay and quail eggs:
Very simple, but elegant. It gives a nice country touch. (Sorry for this blurry picture, but my camera was almost empty)

The kids made the most beautiful things on school:

When I look at this, I'm feeling happy right away!

These lovely flowerpots they made today at the society of our village. They planted seeds in it, but for now they made these bright flowers.

And this really made my day:
A very nice lady, called Wybrich, wrote to me, she often came to visit my blog and noticed that I'm fond of creating things and that I'm a real book-freak. So she asked me if I was interested in this very lovely little book filled with patterns for miniatures. She made this box herself a few years ago and now she thought it was the right book for me! Can you imagine how thrilled I was??? She send it to me this week, totally unselfish! Wybrich, I thank you again for this very kind gesture! And I know for sure this will serves me a lot!

I also made a few l.o.'s this week, this one for the Tuesday-challenge of Lesli:

The challenge was to use a monochromatic colorscheme, to use ribbon, a minimum of one picture, at least two patterned papers and two shades of cardstock and minimal three stripes of journaling. You can vote on her blog Dragonflytime.

She also had a sketch-challenge, and this is what I made of it:

And I did lots more this week, but I can't show you that already, but be patient! Maybe next week!

And another girl made my day:
Kristine is a new visitor of my blog (well, at least I think so!) and she surprised me with this great and lovely award! You're a real sweetheart and I wanna thank you so much for this! I've to think about another list of people, cause I already gave an award to so many people. Give me some time!

And I want to thank Wendy for tagging me! Owww girl... I've to think about that too! First of all I'm gonna celebrate two wonderful days of Easter!!! And here are my Easter-wishes for you all:

Have a nice weekend, hugs Elly!